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April 2018

From Playgrounds to Potatoes – Marmax have you covered!

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Marmax Recycled Products have been creating furniture for many years. Some of our better-known products include the Buddy Bench, our Heavy Duty Recycled Plastic Picnic Benches and our dog agility range. Although we might seem like your standard furniture manufacturers, did you know we started out by creating potato boxes?
Potato farmers had the issue of wooden pallets becoming wet, and cracking or rotting with time, making them unsafe to use and even damaging to produce. Marmax realised how durable recycled plastic was as a material, and decided to make potato pallets out of it. Recycled plastic is weather resistant, meaning the pallets could withstand the icy temperatures of winter, and the warmest days in summer. These new pallets would not rot, corrode or splinter, making them safer for workers to handle, and prevented any damage being done to the potatoes.
After people started to notice how durable the recycled plastic was, they began to ask for more and more products to be made from the material. And the rest, they say, is history! Before long, we were creating dog agility equipment, a huge range of benches, tables and seating and even high-quality playground equipment – all from recycled plastic.
To this day, we’re still featured from Potato Yearbook and Buyers Guide!