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June 2019

Take learning outdoors with our recycled plastic picnic benches.

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Marmax Products recycled plastic picnic benches are not just a place to sit and have your lunch, they provide a wealth of opportunity for students of all ages to grow, learn and develop. By providing an outdoor seating area within your school, this gives children the opportunity to socialise with their peers and enjoy the environment around them.

Children of all ages benefit from having the opportunity to spend time outdoors to observe the environment changes that surrounds them, as well as providing them with the opportunity for social interaction, while extending their language, communication and social skills.

The picnic benches can be used for other activities to broaden children’s play and learning too.

The game board tops can be added to any picnic bench which will help to develop children’s turn taking, sharing and cooperative play. They also encourage attentive listening and provide children with the opportunity to develop life skills and the opportunity to respond to what they have achieved.

The Tiny Town game board, which is designed for younger children, encourages imaginative play and real world scenarios through play and extends their vocabulary by using everyday words to describe a position of their chosen vehicle, e.g. the car is going forwards, backwards, round the corner. It also encourages sharing and cooperative play as well as developing skills to explore concepts and ideas through representation.

The multiplication table game board allows children to work together or independently to develop mathematical awareness and create an understanding of multiplication.