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September 2019

Our Recycled Plastic Planters can brighten up any outdoor playground

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The outdoors is a place where children of all ages can explore and investigate a wide range of materials that cannot be found indoors. They can gain first hand experience of nature through touching plants, smelling flowers, handling the earth and watching the movements of insects, spiders and beetles. Older children can note and record patterns in the natural and made environment, e.g. through photographing leaves and plants. The impact of wind, weather and seasons can be experienced directly and can show the effects this has on the environment. The cycle of plant growth and the seasonal changes outdoors give meaning to the concept of time.

The Recycled Plastic Raised Beds and various Recycled Plastic Planters provide the perfect environment for children to observe and experience nature growing around them. This provides them with the opportunity to dig, grow, nurture and cultivate as well as provide a knowledge and understanding of how plants and vegetables grow and the environment around them.

It is important to help children care for the environment by helping them to understand not to damage or remove plants, trees or wildlife and respect other people’s rights to enjoy the space as well. Doing so encourages them to respect the environment and to feel a sense of ownership and pride in it.

The Recycled Plastic Potting Table provides the perfect outdoor space for children to grow their produce or to pot up their plants. The potting table is versatile, and with two different height options available, they can provide access for all.

If you would like more information on any of our raised beds, planters or potting tables, please contact our sales team on 01207 283442 or visit https://marmaxproducts.co.uk