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October 2020

Outdoor School Furniture

Why you should spend more time thinking about your outdoor school furniture

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Outdoor school furniture in any outdoor areas within educational establishments can be very beneficial – not just for children, but for teachers too. Children can explore, get fit and healthy, and learn about the environment around them, while teachers have somewhere to take a break. So why is there not more outdoor learning within schools?

Decline in learning outdoors

With the recent increase in digital devices on the market, more and more children are spending time indoors – and learning outdoors has been somewhat neglected. With the recent decline in learning outside the classroom, due to reduced budgets and curriculum changes, children are not making the most of the great outdoors as they used to.

Benefits of learning outdoors

Learning outdoors is crucial to both teachers and children, and the playground should be looked at as an extension of the classroom. The great outdoors has an array of benefits, which include:

  • Making learning more engaging – in the classroom, children begin to lose concentration and cannot wait until break time. If learning was taken outdoors, then children would potentially concentrate more and show their full potential.
  • Making learning relevant – taking learning outdoors will enhance concepts which have been learnt in the classroom and make these into a reality. It will also encourage children who may have been struggling with a topic to understand better by seeing the topic first-hand and know the mechanics around it.
  • Nurture creativity and imagination – learning outdoors will help children free their minds and help them to explore the world around them. Children will then be able to let their imaginations run wild with ideas and suggestions of how to address their studies.
  • Develop learning through play and experiment – children learn more when they are happy and engaged; especially when they are outdoors playing. Play can be a vital part to children’s development and enable them to remember more about their subjects. Learning outdoors can also encourage children to experiment more; they may be more encouraged to pick up bugs which they once feared in the classroom, or be a little more adventurous when playing with friends. These experiments are all important for children, not only for them to learn, but to encourage life skills, which they will need in the future.
  • Improve attendance – if learning outdoors is part of school subjects, then children will feel more motivated to attend school and learn.
  • Reduce behavioural problems – learning outdoors has many perks for children, they feel that they have more ‘free reign’ than learning in the classroom, and this can help to reduce behavioural problems as they become more interested in what they are being taught.
  • Expose children to new opportunities – there is an endless list of what children can learn and achieve outside of the classroom, not only in the playground but further afield.
  • Keep healthy – not only are children learning outside the classroom, they will also be keeping fit and healthy. This is because they will be moving around, exploring and possibly using muscles which they have never used before. But also, the most important part of keeping healthy is getting fresh air.
  • Enjoy almost limitless resources – one of the best things about learning outdoors is that there is so much more that can be used than inside a supply cupboard in a classroom. It also gives children the opportunity to use their imagination when it comes to the resources they use.

Learning outdoors can be so beneficial to children, not only to help them grow and develop, but to also keep them fit and healthy. But what is the point of learning outdoors if there is no where to sit and enjoy mother nature, no table to lean on to write down notes when discovering something new, or no play equipment for the children to use their imagination and play with their friends.

So why think about outdoor school furniture?

Here at Marmax Products, we always see the playground as an extension of the classroom, and our award winning, 100% recycled plastic products can make this a reality. Outdoor school furniture can encourage outdoor learning, which is why our range of picnic benches, tables and seating can be the perfect products. It will give children somewhere to sit while they learn and enjoy the great outdoors. Not only that, they will be able to enjoy their lunch outdoors with their friends too! It gives relaxed and comfortable surroundings to children, while learning new experiences. And with our range of play equipment, children can use their imagination, learn how to work as a team, take turns and even learn maths; all while playing. They can learn how to grow their own plants, flowers and produce with our raised beds and planters; teaching children how to look after their crops and record how they are growing.

All of our recycled plastic products are maintenance free and do not rot, corrode or splinter, making them the perfect for even the most boisterous of playtimes. Because of the recycled plastic material, purchasing these types of products will also save educational establishments time and money on maintenance costs, as the products do not require any staining or varnishing.

Making learning outdoors is top of our agenda, and if we can succeed in doing this with our recycled plastic furniture and play equipment, then more children will strive in their education while having fun at the same time.

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