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June 2021

Case Study: Stiller and Marmax

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“Marmax are committed to working with suppliers that help us to improve customer service, as well as keeping a close eye on delivery costs so they are as low as can be for our clients. The partnership with Stiller has created a huge improvement in our delivery process and the detail of communication we are able to offer our customers.” – Matthew Grant, Group Managing Director

Stiller and Marmax first met at an exhibition in the North East in 2017 and quickly established that there could be ways to work together.

Due to the size of Marmax’s shipments, they were being charged a large premium for every pallet sent with their incumbent carrier. Stiller’s standard pallet footprint is larger than the norm at 1.5m, lending itself much better to the needs of Marmax’s most frequent shipment, their heavy-duty picnic benches. The larger pallet size allowance could immediately offer Marmax huge savings on their transportation costs.

Marmax doesn’t just send out picnic benches, some shipments are huge, for example, their playground equipment which is sent to schools and colleges. These products create unique challenges on arrival as there usually isn’t enough personnel available to effectively take delivery. Stiller recognised this problem and fostered a close working relationship between Marmax’s sales team and Stiller’s customer service department to ensure that delivery requirements were correctly communicated, special arrangements accommodated where possible and the correct service expectations were successfully managed at every stage.

Stiller has a policy in place that means drivers can’t lose sight of their vehicle at any time, so this meant it was going to be challenging for drivers themselves to physically take shipments into buildings. This created issues for Marmax’s customers and Stiller’s drivers, but through cross-company discussions, we were able to create a solution that worked for all involved.

Together an accurate SMS system was formed to manage deliveries. Customers’ expectations can now be understood as the delivery network allows Marmax to convey requirements to its customers and ensure that the right number of people are there to take delivery. This collaborative approach has improved customer service levels at Marmax and made for a smoother delivery process.

Stiller has been able to emulate the approach taken with Marmax and roll it out to other customers, which has been hugely beneficial to their business development. Collaborative working allows better communication and more understanding of each others’ challenges, which during the pandemic were plentiful.

Matthew Stiller, managing director of Stiller, said:

“We are proud to promote and support any processes and solutions that can improve productivity and the customer experience, especially where safety is concerned.”

Historically, the teams have regularly attended local events together, forming strong friendships in the process.

Thanks to the strength of their partnership, Marmax has saved money, boosted customer service, improved the accuracy of delivery estimates, and made some fantastic friends. Stiller is now considered as an extension of Marmax’s in-house team, a formula that they would love to replicate with other companies in the North East looking for an overhaul of their deliveries and logistics.