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July 2021

Marmax Products chooses Climate Partner for carbon offsetting consultancy

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Marmax Products has teamed up with carbon offsetting experts Climate Partner for consultancy on reducing its product emissions.

With an already upstanding reputation for sustainability, specialising in 100% recycled plastic products, Marmax will now take this one step further. Climate Partner offers businesses guidance on how to offset their carbon emissions, giving them one or more of three statuses:

  1. Carbon neutral – ensuring businesses satisfy three “scopes” – balancing direct emissions, energy consumption and indirect emissions such as travel
  2. Carbon neutral products – balancing the emissions of a product’s life cycle, from raw materials to the end-user
  3. Carbon neutral packaging – balancing emissions from the packaging’s production, transportation and disposal.

Marmax Products will seek Climate Partners’ guidance on its recycled plastic bench range, helping to achieve “carbon neutral product” status.

How this will affect the Marmax Products bench range

Climate Partner works by assessing the current emissions of a particular company or product, and then suggesting schemes to offset them. A product analysis looks at the lifecycle of a product – in this case, the bench range – to determine its “product carbon footprint”.

Marmax Products will give Climate Partner full access to their analytics to determine the emissions caused by raw material extraction, processing and production.

As a B2B supplier, Marmax Products has chosen a “cradle to gate” analysis – meaning that Climate Partner will assess everything from raw materials through to exiting the factory.

How carbon offsetting helps

Once Climate Partner has calculated this product carbon footprint, it can suggest a number of carbon offsetting projects to give Marmax “carbon neutral products” status. Generally, these projects are based in the “global south”, echoing the general status of economic development in these areas, but clients can also choose a project closer to home.

Climate Partner’s recommendations may feature one or more projects including:

  • Clean drinking water schemes
  • Installation of hydro and solar power in third world countries
  • Afforestation schemes in heavily deforested areas such as Brazil.

Always going one step beyond

This initiative marks another milestone for Marmax Products, whose commitment to social responsibility knows no bounds. Previous projects include working with the Dogs Trust and sponsoring the NSPCC, as well as multiple industry awards.

The partnership comes as part of a larger mission for the Samuel Grant Group, which is also focusing on carbon neutrality efforts for its Samuel Grant Packaging warehouses. Find out more about Marmax Products’ social responsibility here.