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September 2021

Introducing David, our new Marmax General Manager

Introducing David, our new Marmax General Manager

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Meet David Johnson our new General Manager. We spoke with David to find out more about his professional journey and what he thinks the future holds for Marmax.  

Between 1994 –2021 David has worked in multiple roles. Starting as a Production Planner he moved through the ranks to become Production Control Manager at Hashimoto Limited. He moved on to Vantec Europe as a General Manager for third party logistics contracts, and then to Signal Plastics as Head of Operations and Supply Chain Manager before coming to join us. David’s extensive experience and skills made him the perfect fit for the position of Marmax’s General Manager. 

So, what is David’s favourite part about Marmax so far? 

“Working with a hardworking and enthusiastic team that embrace the improvements that are being recommended.” 

And what does your day to day consist of? 

“I start off with a start of shift status check ensuring that the production and despatch plan is in place and resourced. I then Chair the daily sales and operations meeting. A big part of my job is monitoring and measuring our results in areas such as safety, sales, customer satisfaction and production performance. Despatch is also a major daily task ensuring that our products are on their way to our customers, we are also focused on working on improvement activities linked to health & safety, 5S, sales strategy, production efficiency and quality improvement.” 

What would you say the future of Marmax looks like with you at the head of it? Any goals in mind? 

“Business growth and improved competitiveness. We would like to ensure that our sales and production strategies allow us to be agile in a changing market, to provide innovative new products while efficiently manufacturing our core products. Always looking to improve what we do, promoting a mindset of continuous improvement that keeps us ahead of our competition in quality, price and delivery.” 

“I’d also like to continue to develop a flexible and motivated workforce. By encouraging our staff to contribute to our success, harnessing their ideas we will be able to improve what we do. Challenging our staff to understand our processes, to be able to produce as many of our products as possible. It is also important that all of staff are aware of the values of our Company so that they feel part of our team and contribute to our future success.” 

David left us with 3 inspiring words to describe Marmax and a short message to end our interview. 

“Hardworking, Improving and Green. It is important for people to know who Marmax are, many people would have used our outdoor furniture without knowing it. Our recycled plastic outdoor furniture is a great alternative to wooden products, providing a long-lasting and “green” product that looks great.” 

“We would love to work with and supply to companies that are passionate about the environment, that have green policies and want to make a difference in positively impacting climate change.” 

Back to School: Our Top 5 Products for the New Term

560 315 Marmax Recycled Plastic Products

School is officially back in and outdoor furniture is taking centre stage. As more educators shift towards outdoor or flexible learning, we’re seeing a surge in sustainable products – which is where recycled plastic comes in. 

If you’re refurbishing your school environment, do your bit for the environment with our favourite recycled products. 

For social gatherings 

The old school (pun intended) classic has been given a revival for the 21st Century. Our sustainable Recycled Plastic Heavy Duty Picnic Bench will suit children from the ages of seven and up, right through to the teachers. While traditional wooden benches are susceptible to the elements, this is made from 100% recycled plastic, giving it a 25-year construction guarantee. 

It’s also available in a full palette of colours, inspiring young generations for years to come. For an alternative style, our Adult Olympic Picnic Bench offers the ‘Knights of the Round Table’ effect and is even totally accessible for wheelchair users. Once again, it’s colourful and sustainable, but can be easily altered to remove a seat and allow for wheelchair access. 

For the inspired young minds 

With the kids taking to the outdoors more often, our gaming recycled products offer plenty of opportunities to play. Our Recycled Plastic Mud Kitchen lets kids get their hands dirty with a plastic hob, removable bowl and shelves. It also comes fully assembled, so prepare to watch the little ones make mud pies! 

Teaching older children? We stock a range of 1500mm Gameboards, turning outdoor furniture into valuable lessons. These are ideal for playtimes with chess and snakes and ladders, while other designs offer multiplication tables and helpful hints. Simply order a picnic bench and ask for the gameboard to be installed on top. 

For those who want to go the extra mile 

Supporting children’s learning is one thing, but supporting a children’s charity is another. With every purchase of our Recycled Plastic Buddy Benches, we’ll donate 10% to the NSPCC. These vibrant L-shaped designs come in multiple sizes, from Teeny Tots (two to four years) to Juniors (four to seven years) and Adults (seven years plus).  

You can also customise your design with ground fixing plates and extended legs. Simply pick your colour and get long-term use out of this durable, recycled plastic product. 

For more information about school furniture, get in touch with the Marmax team today.