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WM Morrisons plc – Multi Use Produce Display Boxes

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Marmax Products Ltd has developed a modern and new produce display box for WM Morrison Supermarkets that is saving the retailer’s staff time and is improving the in-store experience for shoppers.

An original display box was designed by Marmax for Morrisons in 1998 and although this model performed well for over a decade, it was recognised that a modernised design would meet new in-store requirements more effectively. Marmax therefore worked with Morrisons to develop a new design that fits the supermarket’s precise needs.

With 15,000 new boxes now in use, the improved design has increased efficiency throughout the entire delivery chain with benefits in the packhouse, in transit and in store.

The new boxes now hold 20% more produce than the previous design and the fold-down front allows customers to easily reach the products. This not only saves the store staff valuable time replenishing stock but also improves the shopping experience and ensues that the in-store footprint is used to its full potential.

The new box is incredibly durable and unlike injection moulded designs, it is possible for forklift operators to see between the boxes when stacked two high. The boxes have two-way entry for efficient forklift and pallet truck handling and are easily stackable thanks to their incorporated interlocking posts. The recycled plastic removes any risk of splinters entering the food chain, or injuring staff or customers.

The new boxes are providing great efficiency benefits for Morrisons and because they are manufactured using 100% recycled plastic, they are also helping the supermarket meet its environmental credentials. Over 6,000 of the original boxes were recycled to make the new boxes, with the remaining material sourced entirely from waste HDPE. This has saved over 1,400 tonnes of material, equating to over 147 million carrier bags and enough landfill to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools.