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Award Winning Recycled Plastic Rain Garden now available

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With the world becoming increasingly over populated, overcrowded and increasingly active, climate change has become a serious problem. This changing climate means we are now facing more dramatic changes in our weather. Extreme weather, everything from heatwaves to flooding, has caused tragedies around the world, leading to billions of pounds worth of damage and countless lives lost.

Here at Marmax, we recognise that not only is it important to reduce the amount of damage done to the environment, but to also find solutions to these extreme weather related problems sooner rather than later. By finding practical solutions that can be implemented easily across a huge range of both commercial and residential properties, we are able to help businesses, individuals and communities tackle the issue of flooding. We then came up with the idea of our Recycled Plastic Rain Garden. It was created to tackle the increasing issue of water conservation, and also flood prevention. It has been developed as an above ground water management system that is simple yet innovative in design. The Rain Garden can easily be attached to existing guttering and pipework outside of any building. When there is heavy rainfall, the Rain Garden controls the flow of water as it goes back into the drainage systems.

While the water is being stored and attenuated, the top section of the Rain Garden can be used as a storage box or as a flower bed. This means that not only is the water preventing any unnecessary strain on dated drainage systems, but it can be used for anything from storing small tools, outdoor toys or your deliveries, to growing plants, flowers, herbs or vegetables, making it attractive in design. The Rain Garden can also be retrofitted should it need to be moved due to refurbishment or construction on the building. It can easily be removed, making it an affordable option for our customers.

Our Rain Garden is also an award winning product. We have won a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice and also a Green World Award through this product. This has also given us the title of Green World Ambassadors for our Recycled Plastic Rain Garden. We were also finalists of the Plastic Industry Awards for the Best Recycled Plastic Product.

The outer casing of the Rain Garden is made from 100% recycled plastic which is maintenance free, it does not rot, corrode or splinter and comes with a 25 year construction guarantee. It can be left outdoors all year round and no staining or varnishing is required.

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