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Do We Really Need to Get Rid of Plastics for Good?

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We all know that plastic waste is a major issue; it’s in our oceans harming the sea life, it’s on our shorelines making it difficult for us to enjoy days at the beach and it is a complete eyesore. It is even ending up on our plates!

There is now going to be a ban on plastic straws and supermarkets and other retailers are going to reduce plastic packaging and go ‘plastic free,’ but there are companies who need plastic, so it can be recycled and made into alternative products, therefore participating in saving the environment, our oceans and the ‘closing the loop’ cycle.

Recently, we have seen Adidas have produced football shirts made from plastic waste, Vivobarefoot are producing shoes from plastic bottles and Marmax Products are manufacturing outdoor furniture and play equipment made from plastic milk containers.

If people took more responsibility with their recycling and was made more aware of what can be recycled, this in turn would help these companies to carry on manufacturing their products which can benefit everyone.

Marmax Products feel that waste should be a resource and not a problem, which is why we use 100% HDPE recycled plastic to manufacture our products. We can produce anything from picnic benches and seating, to play boats and cars, to planters, fencing and boardwalk. Anything that can be manufactured from timber can be made from recycled plastic.

This is why we still need the plastics; so companies can still manufacture their products, help make an impact on the environment and help save our oceans.