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Giving Your Playground Some Pizazz – Outdoor School Furniture

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Getting children of all ages to enjoy the great outdoors is becoming increasingly challenging. With most children having their own tablets, mobile phones and gaming devices, getting kids playing outside can be a real struggle. However, Marmax Products are here to make this a little easier with their extensive range of outdoor school furniture. School furniture might seem dull, but Marmax’s range of outdoor classroom furniture can brighten even the greyest of days.

Whether you’re just looking for some outdoor school seating, or to create an entire outdoor classroom, Marmax Recycled Products are the ideal school furniture suppliers for your playground.

Should you want to upgrade your play area, Marmax’s recycled plastic play range has a piece for everyone. Marmax’s award-winning SEN play range ensures that no one is left out of fun in the sun, and everyone can laugh, learn and play together.

Should you want to improve your outdoor school seating, Marmax has an extensive range of benches, everything from recycled plastic picnic benches, to outdoor school seating, to their Buddy Bench – a bench designed specifically to encourage friendships.

Marmax’s products are all made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, so each and every piece of educational furniture saves hundreds, if not thousands, of plastic bottles from landfill.