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Recycled Plastic Outdoor Products can save you Time and Money!

Recycled Plastic Outdoor Products can save you Time and Money
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Picture the scenario

Outside your school, in your theme park or in your local parish, you have wooden outdoor products. You have to clean, stain and varnish constantly. What if we told you that with recycled plastic outdoor products, you would only need to clean them once a year! Sound too good to be true?

Marmax Products manufacture 100% recycled plastic outdoor products; the same plastic which is used to make milk containers. Because of the nature of this material, our products are maintenance free, they do not rot, corrode or splinter, and can withstand the harshest of weather. And with our 25 year construction guarantee, we are certain that our products will last for generations.

But what’s in it for you?

By purchasing our products, you are guaranteed to save time. Normally, someone has to take time out to stain and varnish wooden alternatives, but with Marmax Products, you can choose when you clean them down. This may be once a month, or even once a year; all they require is either a wipe down with soapy water or jet washed, meaning that you have extra time to carry out your other jobs. This will save you money, as it means that you do not have to employ extra staff to cover additional jobs that have not been completed. Even if your products become vandalised, this can be removed with white spirits, again saving you the time of having to paint them to cover it up.

We pride ourselves on our recycled plastic outdoor products, and ensure that you receive the best quality to help save you time and money. Whether you require our recycled plastic outdoor products for a playground, zoo, golf course, fishing lake, school or pub garden, we can guarantee that our products can withstand any environment and still keep their appearance all year round.

Finally, when the product comes to the end of its life, we are able to recycle them back into the extrusion process to manufacture more outdoor products for future generations.