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Imaginative Play outdoors can keep children fit and healthy – and also educate.

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Children have the opportunity to strive outdoors as well as in the classroom.

Play is important to children as it can encourage healthy brain development; and it is through play that children, even at a very early age, engage and interact with the world around them.

Not every child likes to participate in competitive sports; they just want to have fun. Our Recycled plastic Goal Wall, Table Tennis Table and Balance Beams provide children with the opportunity to play as part of a team, build their confidence, get fit and also give them the opportunity to learn new skills such as balancing or target practice. Outdoors, children can be physically active on a scale that is not possible indoors. This offers exciting opportunities for purpose-filled movement over large areas, exploring different levels, negotiating along equipment and also changes in direction and speed. Outdoors is a place where children can experience the effect of physical activity on their bodies as their hearts beat faster and they breath more deeply after vigorous movement.

Our Recycled Plastic Car, Fire Engine, Playboat and Cafe all provide imaginative play which enables children to act out scenes from their own experiences or from stories. Each product encourages role playing, using their imaginative and descriptive language to create a character in which they are portraying. Our Cafe and Village Shop also provides children with mathematical opportunities, whether it be how many cakes a customer would like to buy, what the total of their shopping will be or how much change a customer requires. They provide children with the opportunity to imagine, dream, invent and fantasise along with talking, listening, interacting and making friends.

Our recycled plastic Sandpits, Water Table and Mud Kitchen gives children the opportunity to investigate objects and materials by using their senses. This encourages children to handle tools and objects safely with increasing control and develop hand-eye coordination. The products encourages children to use language in a variety of ways, enabling them to express what they see, hear, smell, touch and feel, as well as using their imagination in role play. The supply of water outdoors enriches children’s play and learning opportunities all year round.

Our Recycled Plastic Easel provides children of all abilities to be creative and being able to handle a variety of stationery tools and objects to develop control, encourage early mark making and writing skills. It also encourages children to look closely at similarities, patterns and changes from the use of various mark making equipment and encourages the development of fine motor skills. Mark making opportunities outdoors can be as valuable as those that are planned in the classroom. These experiences will have a positive impact on the element of control and coordination, which is required later for successful handwriting.

All of the products within our Imaginative Play range enable children to be excited, energetic, adventurous, noisy and messy, whilst also helping them to communicate, work as a team, role play and explore different media and materials. All of our products are open ended, flexible resources that can be adapted and used in different ways, according to the needs and interests of the children.