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Introducing Clair, our Marmax Sales Manager!

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As Sales Manager at Marmax, Clair is a key cog in the Marmax machine. We interviewed Clair to find out a little bit more about her professional journey so far. 

Before joining us, Clair worked for a sales company which supplied loft insulation.  

“My working day consisted of mainly telesales, data entry and organising the surveyors’ schedules from securing their appointments to organising and planning their journeys. Unfortunately, this came to an end in 2012 when the company went into receivership.”  

Clair’s experience and transferable skills led to the role of Marmax Sales Manager. 

How would Clair describe Marmax?  

“Marmax Products is one of the market leaders in recycled plastic furniture and play equipment. Marmax Products is a family run business which not only cares greatly for all their staff but also each individual customer, ensuring they receive the best possible customer service along with high quality recycled plastic furniture.” 

“We have won numerous awards over the years and contributed to many charities such as NSPCC and the Dogs Trust.” 

What does a Sales Manager do on a regular day? 

Clair’s day to day duties are numerous, and range from general administration duties and dealing with existing and potential new clients, to identifying and developing new market areas. 

“I pride myself on delivering excellent levels of customer service, especially maintaining and developing positive relationships with customers.” 

“I manage every aspect of sales, general enquiries and complaints. I also liaise with the dispatch and production to ensure our customer commitments are delivered as agreed and advise our marketing team (Golden Frog) of website issues and enquiries.” 

“I am also responsible for the training of any new employees who have joined the team and helping them develop their skills to the point where they are able to perform their roles without any assistance.” 

“Marmax Products’ future can only excel as we strive to innovate new products for new areas which we are yet to develop.” 

Lastly, how would Clair describe Marmax in 3 words?  

“Committed, passionate and caring.” 

I think that sums us up nicely! Clair is an integral part to our team at Marmax that more junior staff can shadow and learn from, here’s to the future.