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Key Advantages of Using Recycled Plastic Furniture.

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Although we might be a little biased, we think recycled plastic is the future of outdoor furniture. We thought we’d give you some of the main reasons why recycled plastic makes for perfect outdoor furniture.
1. It’s maintenance-free. Recycled plastic is extremely easy to care for. Outdoor products made from wood need regular staining, sealing and maintenance, however, a recycled plastic bench can be left without any intervention for years.
2. It’s waterproof. In England, rain is almost a daily occurrence. Any piece of furniture left outside needs to be hardy enough to cope with rainfall. Wood is naturally porous, meaning that when a bench gets damp, water is absorbed. This leads to splitting, warping and twisting, rendering the furniture useless after only a short while. Recycled plastic is nonporous. Water is unable to penetrate the plastic, meaning the furniture doesn’t split, warp or twist, and the bench can simply be wiped dry.
3. It’s durable. Due to wood swelling and shrinking over time, the material is then prone to splintering and breaking. This can be dangerous for both children and adults and can lead to injury. Due to the hardy nature of recycled plastic, the furniture does not splinter, crack or corrode. This makes recycled plastic furniture much safer for both children and adults to use.
4. It can last a lifetime. Wooden furniture doesn’t stay usable for very long, and needs to be replaced every few years. However, our products come with a 25-year construction guarantee, and the majority of our products last a lifetime.
If we’ve managed to persuade you that recycled plastic makes for amazing furniture, why not check out our extensive range of recycled furniture and equipment. We make Picnic Tables, Outdoor Seating, Benches, Garden Planters, Fencing, Bins, Playground Equipment and so much more, all from recycled plastic here in the UK.