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National Storytelling Week 26th January – 2nd February

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National Storytelling Week is in full flow and what better way to get the children using their imaginations by writing their own stories, reading more books or even sharing stories with their friends.

The week will be celebrated by all ages and walks of life, from reading a story to your baby to listening to your grandparents telling stories from their childhood; reading to your peers at school to listening to your teacher telling stories. There is so much that can be learnt from storytelling.

Storytelling can make both the reader and listener think about the story, adapt on it and even be encouraged to write, or even act out, their own story based on what they have read or heard. This will encourage people to use their imagination and also work together with other people to recreate a story that has been told.

Here at Marmax Products, we encourage National Storytelling Week, not only to get more people reading, but by taking storytime outdoors with our maintenance free, recycled plastic outdoor products; ideal for getting everyone together to listen to their favourite stories.

Our recycled plastic Buddy Bench and recycled plastic Teacher’s Chair are a great combination of an ‘outdoor classroom.’ The curved seat of the buddy bench means that no one is isolated from the story and everyone can interact with each other. The Teacher’s Chair can be placed at the front of the Buddy Benches so everyone can see and here the story.

Another outdoor product is our recycled plastic adventure cabin. This ‘playhouse’ is ideal for smaller groups of children, either to read stories to each other, tell each other stories or even to get together to get their ideas flowing to re-enact their favourite story for their peers.