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​It’s coming to the end of #RecycleWeek, so we thought we’d put together a few top tips on how you can reduce waste and recycle more.

1. If your workplace doesn’t already have one, start a paper recycling scheme at work. Your local recycling organisation might be able to help. Think about what you’re printing – does it really need to be printed? Keeping digital copies of files not only helps reduce waste, it can reduce desk clutter too!
2. Recycle as much as is possible. A lot of people will absentmindedly throw away a mouthwash bottle or a carton of juice without checking if it can be recycled – most bottles you find around the house can be recycled now. Look for the little recycling symbol on the plastic before throwing it in the bin.
3. Buy recycled. The essence of recycling is that eventually the need for virgin materials will be eliminated, and less damage to the environment will ensue. By buying a product that is made from recycled material, you’re helping to close the loop on recycling. For example, Marmax products are made from 100% HDPE recycled plastic, so not only are they made from recycled material, the products themselves can be recycled when they’re no longer needed, this closes the loop.
4. Think outside the box. Paper, plastic bottles and glass are becoming increasingly well known for being recyclable, but did you know that batteries are recyclable? Your local recycling and waste disposal centre, and sometimes even your local supermarket, will have a battery recycling point for you to use.
5. Reusable is best. When you’re on the morning coffee run, try and remember to take your reusable travel mug with you. 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are estimated to be used every year here in the UK, that creates approximately 25,000 tonnes of waste! Coffee chains, such as Starbucks, offer a discount on your morning coffee if you use a reusable mug, so by making the swap to your travel mug, you can save the environment and save some pennies!
Here at Marmax, we love everything about recycling. Without recycling being an everyday occurrence, we wouldn’t be able to our furniture the way we do, so thank you for recycling your milk bottles. Let’s work towards a greener, cleaner future together.