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Social Inclusion for All with our Recycled Plastic SEN Range

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All of our Special Educational Needs equipment encourages social inclusion. This wide range of equipment has been developed to give children the same opportunities and skills to learn through their outdoor play.

All of our products are easily accessible for both able bodied and less able bodied children, encouraging inclusion and participation. This equipment has been suitably modified to be placed in mainstream educational establishments, as well as parks and other outdoor leisure facilities. All products provide access for all to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to play.

Our Recycled Plastic Pirate Ship, Village Shop and Train Engine Carriage provides imaginative play which children can relate from their own experiences, or from stories they have read. They each encourage role modelling, getting the children to use their own imaginative and descriptive language to create a character in which they are portraying. The Village Shop also provides the children with mathematical opportunities, whether that be how many items they have in their basket, the total amount to pay for their shopping to how much change their ‘customer’ needs. They also provide children with the opportunity to imagine, dream, invent and fantasise along with talking, listening, interacting and making friends. As well as our imaginative play products, we also provide wheelchair access picnic benches, so all children can sit and chat to friends or even have lunch, while all sitting together.

Our SEN Range enable children to be excited, energetic, adventurous, noisy and to just have fun. The range is an open ended, flexible resource that can be adapted in different ways to the needs and interest of individual children or can be used as teaching aids for teachers when working through their curriculum.