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The Benefits Of Using Recycled Plastic

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Playgrounds are arguably the heart of the school. It’s where friendships are made, where social skills are tested and where invaluable lessons are learned. As we know, spending more time outdoors is beneficial for both the child’s mental and physical health, as well as helping with their social skills and even their learning. Therefore, Marmax are keen to encourage schools across the UK to make outdoor education more of a priority.

At Marmax, we use recycled plastic lumber to build all of our furniture and play equipment. We believe that recycled plastic makes the best furniture for playgrounds due to the nature of HDPE plastic, they’re highly durable, making them perfect for the wear and tear furniture receives.

As well as being able to survive the vigorous testing children put our products through, our products can also be left outside all year round. Able to withstand heavy rain, sunshine, wind and even snow, our recycled plastic furniture is perfect for teachers that don’t have the resources to move large furniture and play equipment around daily.

Our furniture and play equipment, all made from recycled plastic, is also maintenance free, and graffiti can be easily removed, making the products look newer for longer. By being robust and maintenance free, not only are the recycled plastic products safer for the children to use, but they also mean that busy teachers don’t need to worry about their upkeep.

Aside from the practical nature of products made from recycled plastic bottles, the products also save thousands of plastic bottles from landfill. By buying recycled plastic furniture, schools are able to save plastic from landfill and help protect the environment and all the animals that inhabit our land and oceans. Our products act as a starting point in the conversations surrounding the importance of recycling, helping to educate future generations and create a greener future.