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The Process of Bottle to Bench

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After the compelling Blue Planet 2 series, and this year’s plastic pollution focused Earth Day, there is a growing concern about plastic filling our oceans and harming marine life. By tossing newspapers, plastic cartons and aluminium cans into the same bin it’s now possible for hundreds of products to be manufactured. So, once you’ve thrown your plastic bottle into the blue bin, what happens next?

Many councils now run a single stream recycling program which means that you can mix your materials and they’ll all end up at a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) to be sorted and cleaned. The waste is tipped onto a huge conveyer belt where magnets, scanning systems and a little bit of physics are used to decipher the newspapers from the tin cans and eventually out the other end come plastics and glass.

An optical scanning system is then used to spot the plastics and a blast of air pushes them into a bin below. They’re then sorted by their resin code, which is the little logo on the back of plastic with a number and chasing arrows. Here at Marmax, we’re interested in the #2 plastics.

Once sorted by resin number, the plastic gets pushed through a shredder to turn it into flake-like pieces which are then baled into a polymer pellet. These plastic pellets are then sent off to companies around the UK who manufacture them into useful products, like plastic timber planks. These planks are then delivered to us so that we can make our award-winning furniture.

When you buy a recycled plastic bench from Marmax you’re saving over 2000 milk bottles from landfill and also investing in a sturdy piece of outdoor furniture that comes with a 25 year guarantee. You’re also helping to work towards closing the loop on recycling, eventually leading to being able to eliminate the need for virgin materials – so do your bit today and pop your plastic bottle in the blue bin.