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Why Plastic Enters Our Oceans

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Can you imagine there being more pieces of plastic in the sea than number of fish?

Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Every year, 12 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our oceans, that’s the equivalent of one truck’s worth every minute, and if we don’t change our habits, by 2050 we’ll have more plastic than fish in the oceans. Of the entire world’s plastic waste, only 5% is effectively recycled and around 40% ends up in landfill. So, how does so much waste end up in our fragile ecosystems?

Around 80% of the plastic in the ocean comes from land-based activities, like the carrier bag you threw away, the waste you left on the street or the cotton bud you flushed. Bad habits, alongside poor management at landfill sites, cause plastics to find their way into our drainage systems, rivers and eventually oceans.

Carrier bags dumped at landfill sites can be picked up in a breeze, carried to a nearby river and will eventually end up in our oceans. You can’t usually put them in your normal recycling bin, however, most major supermarkets run collections of carrier bags.

Littering and incorrect flushing of products has a major impact on marine life. Wind and rain carry the waste to drainage systems and rivers which then flow into the sea. Little changes really help, such as holding onto your plastic bottle until you have access to recycling facilities – it also allows companies like us to turn them into something useful (like our award-winning recycled plastic furniture!).

Here at Marmax we’re passionate about changing the future of our planet by recycling plastic bottles into outdoor furniture – we’ve already saved 2.5 billion milk containers from landfill!