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Goal Wall & 1 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

£1,378.00 (excluding VAT)

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This set includes a Goal Wall and 1x Outdoor Table Tennis Table.

The Goal Wall is perfect for any playground or public play area to allow children to target practice or to use the Goal Wall as a standard goal area which will also encourage socialising and physical activity. The Goal Wall can be used by one child for target practice or by a full football team for a competitive match. The Table Tennis Table is a great addition to any outdoor play area, for a reliable and robust table for competitive matches, and to encourage children to make new friends and participate in sports.

The Goal Wall and Table Tennis Table are made from 100% UK recycled plastic so will not rot, corrode or splinter and is maintenance free. It is extremely tough and durable making them an ideal addition to a children’s play area. 

The Goal Wall must be secured to the ground using the Ground Fixing Plates which are supplied as standard. Extended legs are available at an additional charge. Call for further information. 

 The Goal Wall and Table Tennis Table save 6,492 milk cartons from going to landfill.

Our products come with a 25-year construction guarantee.


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