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Our products are made from 100% HDPE recycled plastic; the plastic that is used to make milk containers. The products are maintenance free, they do not rot, corrode or splinter and are ideal to be kept outdoors all year round.
From time to time, there may be white flecks which show in the material. This is due to the HDPE plastic not taking the colourant which is added. Unfortunately there is nothing which we are able to do with this however, we have had a lot of customers who have used this as a talking point about the benefits of recycled plastic and what can be achieved by using this material.

All of our products are class 3 fire retardant and fall under ISO14001. We are also part of Made in Britain.

We need all orders in writing due to auditing purposes. We can accept orders via email, letter, fax or via our website. This will then be processed by our sales team and we will send confirmation of your order to you.
If you use an official purchase ordering system, then please provide us with a purchase order number.

We accept payments either by cheque, BACS, PayPal or call us to pay with Credit/Debt cards. Once your order is placed, we will send confirmation of your order and also payment details to you.

With all of our products, we offer a 25 year construction guarantee. The guarantee for our gameboard tops is 1 year.

We use an outside carrier company and our products are delivered on pallets. They will deliver your order to kerbside however, if the wagon can gain access to a playground or yard, they will deliver to this destination. They will offload the products using a tail-lift. Unfortunately, due to health and safety reasons, the driver is not allowed to unload the products from the pallet and place in situ. This is the responsibility of the customer once the products are offloaded.
Due to the nature of the product, they are very heavy and we would recommend having a few people on site to help to place the products in situ.
Once the goods are dispatched from Marmax, they will be with our customer within 48 hours. If you can provide us with a mobile number or email address, we will be able to send a tracking reference and a link to our transport website so you are able to track your order.

We have three different age ranges for some of our products. We have our Teeny Tots Range suitable for children aged 2-4 years old, our junior range suitable for children aged 4-7 years old and our adult range suitable for adults and children aged 7 years and over.

Price band A relates to our brown or black colours. Price band B relates to our blue, green, red, yellow, grey and rainbow colours. Price band B colours are slightly higher in price than price band A colours.

We have two options of security fixings. We have ground fixing plates which are suitable for concrete only. A plate is attached to the feet of the bench and expanding bolts are supplied. Once these bolts are tightened into the concrete, they have a claw mechanism which expands under the concrete to secure the product in place. We also have extended legs which are suitable for grass and tarmac. The extended legs are an additional 300mm of material which is manufactured to the legs of the bench during production. The 300mm is then sunk into the ground and concreted in.

We can offer commemorative plaques. We use a plastic material which has a gold acrylic finish to look like a brass effect plaque. Wording on the plaque can be up to 32 characters per line including spaces and up to 4 lines of text.

Our products are virtually maintenance free however, if they do become dirty, we would recommend either a jet wash/pressure washer or soapy water.

White spirits or turpentine will remove any type of graffiti and will not affect the material.

A small variety of our products come part assembled or flat packed. These are shown on our website with a spanner icon on the product.

We can offer installation charges however, to keep costs to a minimum, we do recommend that you source your own contractor. We have 2 contractors which we use; one is based in Bury St Edmonds and the other is in the North East of England therefore travel time and possibly overnight stays will be included in the cost.

All of our products which are disabled access are signed with a disabled access icon on the website. We also have our award winning SEN Range which includes all products suitable for disabled access and inclusive play.

Because all of our products are handmade in our factory in County Durham, we are able to offer a bespoke service. We are able to adapt our current products as well as manufacture something completely different. Just give us a call on 01207 283442 to discuss your requirements.

In all of our products, we use galvanised screws and bolts however, we have the option of stainless steel screws at an additional cost for products which will be placed in boggy areas or around coastal areas. If this is something that you require, please give our sales team a call on 01207 283442 and they will be happy to assist.

This varies throughout different products. We are able to offer all of our customers a free certificate which shows how many milk containers they have saved by buying our products.

Recycled plastic material can be used exactly the same as timber. It can be cut, drilled and screwed together. We would recommend using a power saw as opposed to a hand saw as the material will blunt the blades quite quickly unlike timber.