Graphite Resources, Derwenthaugh Ecoparc, Gateshead

Marmax Products Ltd has supplied outdoor seating for Graphite Resources new recycling plant at Derwenthaugh EcoParc Gateshead.

A large balcony overlooking the entrance to the plant, used as a picnic and rest area, has been furnished with Marmax outdoor furniture. Marmax Rainbow picnic benches and brown traditional seats now provide year round seating. They demonstrate, exactly, the ethos of Graphite Resources. Marmax have taken the plastic sorted by the machinery behind these benches and created a product that is made entirely from waste; 100% recycled and itself 100% recyclable, when necessary.

Marmax use waste as a resource instead of burying it in landfill or burning it in an incinerator. Marmax Products Ltd design and deliver outdoor products that easily out-perform and outlast their traditional alternatives. They cannot rot or splinter and need no maintenance. Visitors to the site can see what can become of their discarded plastic bottles.

Sue Coulson, Communications Manager says, “We love our outdoor seating area, it’s bright, clean and so environmentally friendly. Knowing the benches have been made from household waste that was processed through our plant, has made it so much better. Every visitor to our site comments on the furniture and they are really impressed when they find out they have been made from recycled plastic bottles. We have them on our rooftop terrace and it’s a real advantage knowing we can leave them out in all weathers and they still look brand new.”