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Introducing the new Tanfield Range

From milk bottle to dining table: introducing the new Tanfield range 

Giving a product another lease of life takes a whole new meaning with the latest product from Marmax. Our new Tanfield range offers a durable outdoor seating solution for leisure and business settings. 

Long before its second life, this innovative range was once a milk bottle. Thousands of 2-pint milk bottles have been recycled to become the Tanfield line. 

Ideal applications for the new Tanfield range

The Tanfield range is available as a single table or as a set with two benches, seating up to six adults comfortably. Thanks to its 100% recycled plastic, it would work well in outdoor settings including: 

  • School playgrounds 
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Hospitality venues. 

It’s also incredibly low-maintenance, and like our other products, comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Thanks to our innovative manufacturing methods, the Tanfield range will not rot, corrode or split – unlike other organic materials exposed to the elements. To keep it looking fresh, all it requires is a jet wash, which will not spoil the look of the furniture. 

What colours does the Tanfield range come in? 

The Tanfield table comes in black or brown – ideal for pairing with indoor colour schemes or blending with biophilic outdoor furniture. If you’re looking for a splash of colour, for example, in a children’s environment, there are also options for different colours. These come at a slightly higher cost, offering a choice of: 

  • Blue tables with black legs 
  • Green tables with black legs 
  • Grey tables with black legs 
  • Rainbow-coloured tables with black legs
  • Black and grey strip colours. 

How much does the Tanfield range cost?

The Tanfield range starts from as little as £597. A standard black or brown table will complete the look for your business from £597. For our multi-coloured ranges above, standalone tables cost £639. We’re also offering a set comprising the table and two sturdy benches for up to six people. A single-coloured set (black or brown) will cost £959, and a multi-coloured set retails at £979. 

Go green…or black, brown or rainbow with the Tanfield range

If you’re looking to improve your business’ green credentials, you can’t go wrong with a Tanfield table. They’re a real conversation starter, whether they’re for school or business settings. How many people can say they’re dining on a former milk bottle? 

Click here to order yours online today. 



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