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World Soil Day

Soil: Where Food Begins.

Did you know there are more living organisms in a tablespoon of soil than there are people on Earth? With 95% of our food coming from soil, World Soil Day 2022 (5 December) highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem by improving soil quality.

The Importance of Healthy Soil.

Soil contains organisms, minerals and organic compounds that provide food for humans and animals through plant growth. Like us, soils need a balanced and varied supply of nutrients to be healthy. With 18 naturally occurring elements essential for plant life, soil provides an incredible 15 of these; the other 3 are obtained through the atmosphere by photosynthesis. Intensive agricultural systems mean nutrients are lost with each harvest and if soils are not managed sustainably, fertility is lost and nutrient deficient plants will grow. Some soils may no longer have the capacity to support crops, whilst others may actually be toxic to animals and humans due to overuse of fertilisers, polluting the environment and contributing to climate change. Over the last seventy years, the level of vitamins and nutrients in our food has drastically decreased. Soil nutrient loss is recognised as a critical problem for global health and food sustainability, contributing to low crop yield, crop failure and associated hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

World Soil Day

World Soil Day, endorsed by the United Nations, raises awareness of the importance of soil management and health for the foundation of better food and a healthier environment; we all have a responsibility to improve its quality for future generations. It is estimated that 33% of soil around the world is degraded, so the task is immense. Long term sustainable soil management practises are required, including avoiding the overuse of fertilisers.W

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