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Introducing Corrinna, our new Marmax Apprentice 

We took some time to speak with Business Administration Apprentice, Corrinna Clementson, to learn more about how she’s finding her apprenticeship with Marmax Recycled Plastic Products: 

What type of apprenticeship are you doing?  

“I am doing a Business Administration Level 3.”  

Why did you choose to do your apprenticeship with Marmax? 

For the sake of maintaining a work-life balance, I was searching for a career in Business Administration. The idea of looking for an apprenticeship was appealing to me, and when I saw that Marmax was seeking an apprentice, I began to investigate what the company does. As soon as I looked at the website and read what the company stands for, I was quite certain I was going to like it. Because the apprenticeship job description is diverse and the job role itself has many different sections, I’ll be able to get a taste of many different aspects of the office.” 

What is the best part about being an apprentice at Marmax? 

Having the opportunity to learn and adapt my knowledge in various areas and feeling as though I am a part of a team is wonderful.” 

Day to day what are some of the tasks within your role?  

“At the moment I have been working alongside the sales team. My day-to-day role in this area is checking emails, uploading new customer cards or creating new accounts.  Once a sale has come through, I then check that all information our customers have provided is correct and upload the sales order onto our system.  I also check and update our customers on estimated delivery dates and have just been trained on how to produce a plaque for our customers.”   

Have you learnt many new skills during your time so far?  

“I have yes, and I have also had a bit of refresh on pervious skills I had.  My previous job didn’t involve working with teams or Sharepoint so these are two new skills I have learnt.  The plaque training is something completely different and new to me as this is using software I have never heard of and a machine I have never seen or touched.”  

What Job did you have before your Apprenticeship? 

“I have worked in a few different areas. I’ve worked in reception, sales and retail.  I completed a degree in a different area to Administration.  My last role was working for a retail supermarket chain as a Store Deputy Manager.” 

We’re excited to see how Corinna progresses in her role, and looking forward to her adding more and more value to Marmax as time goes on. It’s clear she is keen to learn and take advice on board and we’re delighted to have her as part of the Marmax family! 

We are always on the lookout for committed team members as we are a fast growing business. Those interested in a position at Marmax can contact our team here: https://marmaxproducts.co.uk/contact/ 


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