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Turvey Primary School 

Turvey Primary School and their new Marmax Personalised stage and seating!


Knowing Marmax already, Turvey Primary School didn’t hesitate to contact us when they were looking for an alternative to their decaying wooden stage. This is what they had to say about us: 

“We had a stage in our Reception play area but being wood, it eventually went rotten and had to be removed. We decided to buy the Marmax outdoor stage for the main school field so that all the children could use it. We had other Marmax products so we knew that it would last well.” 

Marmax Products are seen as one of the market leaders in the manufacturing of 100% recycled plastic furniture which does not rot, corrode or splinter and is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years. This made us the perfect fit for Turvey Primary School’s needs. 

 “The whole process from ordering, agreeing artwork to installation was simple and delivered on time. The installation team did a good job and the finished stage looked good.” 

 “The children love the stage and put on shows, make up songs etc daily so it’s really encouraging their creativity. It has proved to be universally popular being used across all age groups and we are very pleased with it.” 

Keeping smiles, laughter, dancing and singing going for the next generation, we are so proud to be able to deliver high quality sustainable products in collaboration with our valued customers.  

Thank you, Turvey Primary School, for the glowing review. 


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