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Introducing John Hamilton, our new Planning Administrator  

Fast hands on the shop floor to fast hands on the keyboard, John has moved from the warehouse and taken his first steps into the Marmax office – we quizzed him about the change and how his role has developed. 

What was your job role before being a Planning Administrator and what is your job role now?  

“On the shop floor my roles varied from operating the saw, building the furniture, and then finally joining the warehouse team as a forklift operator. My job role now is Planning Administrator, working mainly as Despatch Coordinator, arranging the collection and delivery of all our orders, but also supporting the sales team with catalogue orders and customer queries.”   

How different are the roles?  

“The shop floor role gave me an important understanding of the processes within Marmax, from receiving the profile, building, and then finally despatching the finished product to the customer. The new role has enabled me to do what I love most which is having direct contact with customers and transport providers for the company, whilst using my knowledge gained from working on the shop floor.” 

Why have you decided to become Planning Administrator?  

“I decided to join the admin team due to my excellent knowledge in the role, gained at my previous employment. Marmax offered a more exciting challenge within a new organisation away from the Automotive industry, where I had spent the previous 8 years. This role has enabled me to grow further and develop current skills as well as learning much more from a different style of business.”  

What’s your favourite part about working at Marmax?  

“My favourite part about working for Marmax is how friendly the team are and how everyone sticks together to achieve the business requirements. I am looking forward to helping the business grow even further than they already have in my 7 months here.”  

Any hobbies outside of work?  

“Outside of work I love following my favourite team which for a change, I’m proud to say is Sunderland! Home and Away I love going to watch them play. On a sunny day, the beach is the place to be!”  

Anything else to add?   

“I hope to be with Marmax for a long time and be part of what is an amazing effort towards helping improve the environment with our 100% recycled products!” 

Here’s to the future! 



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