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Recycled Plastic Tables and chairs in a care home

Why being outdoors is beneficial within the Care Industry

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Being outdoors is beneficial to everyone; it keeps us fit and healthy, it gets us exploring and gets us socialising and relaxing. It is especially beneficial within the care industry;…

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On the way to Green Glory

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Marmax Products Ltd has won a Green World Award in the global campaign to find the world’s most dedicated socially responsible countries, companies and communities. They competed against more than…

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Raised Bed Rain Gardens in Oslo

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The City of Oslo has been developing innovative measures and policies to provide landscape features using multi-purpose green infrastructure. Their policy includes a 3-step approach to managing storm water runoff.…

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Take learning outdoors with our recycled plastic picnic benches.

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Marmax Products recycled plastic picnic benches are not just a place to sit and have your lunch, they provide a wealth of opportunity for students of all ages to grow,…

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Social Inclusion for All with our Recycled Plastic SEN Range

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All of our Special Educational Needs equipment encourages social inclusion. This wide range of equipment has been developed to give children the same opportunities and skills to learn through their…

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Imaginative Play outdoors can keep children fit and healthy – and also educate.

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Children have the opportunity to strive outdoors as well as in the classroom. Play is important to children as it can encourage healthy brain development; and it is through play…

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Our Awards

Marmax Products have shown that recycled plastic products can be award winning

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Since 2013, Marmax Products Ltd have been stealing the spotlight by winning numerous awards. From local awards to globally recognised awards, it is safe to say we have achieved a…

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Award Winning Recycled Plastic Rain Garden now available

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With the world becoming increasingly over populated, overcrowded and increasingly active, climate change has become a serious problem. This changing climate means we are now facing more dramatic changes in…

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Buddy Bench company pledges to support NSPCC in anti-bullying bid

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A firm that manufactures Buddy Benches for schools has pledged to raise £1,700 a year for children’s charity the NSPCC. Marmax Products Ltd, which specialise in recycled products, will raise…

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Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Commemorate Colleague with Recycled Plastic Seat and Plaque

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Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust approached Marmax Recycled Products as they wanted to commemorate one of their porters who had worked at the hospital for many years. The hospital purchased…

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