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October Product of the Month – Recycled Plastic Olympic Picnic Bench

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Recycled Plastic Olympic Picnic Bench Our product of the month for October is our Recycled Plastic Olympic Picnic Bench. The recycled Plastic Olympic Picnic Bench is a round style bench…

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Do We Really Need to Get Rid of Plastics for Good?

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We all know that plastic waste is a major issue; it’s in our oceans harming the sea life, it’s on our shorelines making it difficult for us to enjoy days…

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Could Teaching Children to Recycle Change the Future?

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We, as adults, know the basics about recycling and what logos to look for on containers to know if it can be recycled. But what if this was taught in…

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Recycle Week: 24th – 30th September

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With only one week to go until #RecycleWeek, what will you pledge to recycle more of? How will you inspire others to #recycle more? Blue Planet II has made a…

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Marmax Products On The Way To Green Glory

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Marmax Products Ltd, based in Stanley, County Durham, has won a Green Apple Environment Award in the international campaign to find the greenest companies, councils and communities. They competed against…

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Award Winning SEN Range Provides Social Inclusion for All

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Here at Marmax Products, we want children to enjoy school life and what better way to do it than with our 100% HDPE recycled plastic outdoor products. We feel that…

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August Product of the Month – Heavy Duty Picnic Bench

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HEAVY DUTY PICNIC BENCH Our most popular product, the Heavy Duty Picnic Bench is a versatile form of seating that will suit any type of environment from pubs, zoos and theme…

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Back to School-Getting Ready for the New School Year

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The summer holidays are finally upon us. The children are out making new friends, exploring, using their imagination and just having fun. Here at Marmax Products, we want the children…

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How Recycled Plastic Outdoor Products can save you Time and Money!

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Picture the scenario. Outside your school, in your theme park or in your local parish, you have wooden outdoor products which you have to clean, stain and varnish all of…

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The Benefits Of Using Recycled Plastic

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Playgrounds are arguably the heart of the school. It’s where friendships are made, where social skills are tested and where invaluable lessons are learned. As we know, spending more time…

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